It’s me – your friendly New England wedding photographer here, coming at you live from my first blog post EVER! I’m finally getting around to starting this lil content hub and I’m so excited to take you all on this journey. In the coming months, you can expect lots of posts featuring full weddings and other sessions, tips for wedding planning, inspiration from past NWP couples, vendor features and more. Until then, I wanted to start this little venture by talking about how I got my start in photography and why I have a passion for weddings.

A Little About Me

I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I used to capture everything under the sun: performances, head shots, seniors, landscapes, details – you name it. Six years ago I shot my first wedding and I was hooked! Now weddings are my main jam, but I also photograph couples, families and individual portraits.

Why Weddings?

For me, there’s nothing like the infectious energy that comes from being surrounded by happy people on a once in a lifetime day. Those little moments you just can’t plan for. All of the beautiful relationships between mothers and brides, grooms and siblings, cousins and friends. Two families coming together in celebration – a celebration unlike any other, because each one is completely unique.

New England weddings are simply the best. There are SO many incredible locations, from chic ballrooms to mountaintop views to woodsy campgrounds to ceremonies by the sea. There’s so many choices, which means every venue chosen means something special to the couples who choose to spend their day there. Besides location, I sincerely love the people of New England. The couples who run on Dunkin, crave the outdoors and enjoy a good brewery. The folks who aren’t too flashy on the outside, but on the inside they are extremely sentimental – especially about the ones they love. There’s an incredible sense of community here that I believe is hard to find anywhere else. Being surrounded by that energy is one of my favorite things about where photography has taken me.

So now that I am entering my sixth wedding season in good old New England, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos from throughout those years.  AND even if you’ve been through it all with me, I’m posting a few you’ve probably never seen before.

If you are a past couple, thank you for letting me tell your story in the best way I know how. And if you’re a couple of mine for 2020 or 2021 – I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Featured Venues:

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