Melodey Mathews is one of the few people I know who can make magic out of literally any situation. In this instance, Mel decided to go after her dreams by launching her flower company in the midst of a global pandemic – and (spoiler alert) she’s crushing it already!

Mel’s love for flowers and nature blossomed into Melon Rose Flower Company – a full-service floral and on-site gardening company on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She specializes in flowers for all occasions, including weddings, events and “just because!”

I’ve known Mel since we met in college, and she has always had such a talent for seeing the artistic potential in life’s everyday objects. I think this is what makes her an incredible florist and business owner, and I was so excited to hear of her plans to launch the company in June of 2020.

Before her business reveal, Mel knew she needed some imagery to express her brand authentically and beautifully. So we scheduled a branding photo shoot!

What is a Branding Photo Shoot and Why is it Important?

Branding photography is designed to showcase the essence of a brand to its ideal customers – to connect with them through visuals that inspire action.

Branding shoots give companies a gallery of images to use on social media, their website, business cards and other marketing materials. Customers like to see the human behind the brand, so a branding shoot usually encompasses a lot of portrait images. They also might include shots of the owner at work, products and photos of the tools they use in business.

About Melon Rose Flower Co: Q&A

I asked Mel to tell me a little about her brand so I could share her vision with you all!

Q: Tell me about your business!

A: I am a full service florist along with being a garden gal. So from events to just because vase designs to perennial/ annual garden installation, I’m your girl!

Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: I fell in love with this industry when I realized you couldn’t POSSIBLY know everything, there is always something to learn. It’s also a career that allows me to educate and share my knowledge and experiences with my customers in order to achieve the perfect finished result. It’s so rewarding and an absolute labor of love.

Q: Why was a branding shoot important to you when launching your business?

A: When starting and launching a business, marketing and realizing your brand is so crucial and really the bones of a successful future. It was beyond important to me for that marketing and brand image to be as authentic as possible, that way not only the audience is enjoying getting to know me but I’m enjoying opening up to them.

Q: What do you use brand photos for?

A: I used the photos from the brand photoshoot for my business cards, product images on my website and also just really great stock photos for announcements/ newsletters etc.

Q: Where can readers get in touch with you?

A: Instagram @melonroseflor or

Now enjoy some of the great images we captured during Mel’s branding shoot in Gloucester, Massachusetts! And don’t forget to show this talented gal some love on Instagram!

Nina Weinstein is a Massachusetts wedding photographer serving all of New England. She specializes in bold, romantic wedding photography as well as portrait and family sessions. She is currently booking for 2020 and 2021.