As someone who has been taking photos for most of her life, I use photography as a way to look back – to transport myself back to a memory, a feeling, or to people who have passed on. The days we have go by in a flash, but quality images of our best moments have the power to preserve our memories.

In the case of your wedding day, all the months and years of planning boil down to a few hours of actually experiencing it! While of course you’ll get digital files of your photos from your wedding photographer, a wedding album is something you’ll never regret investing in.

Let me tell you why purchasing a wedding album – especially one from your photographer, is MORE than worth it!

Technology is not always reliable.

You’ve spent all this money on a beautiful day and experience for your guests. The photos are the only thing you’ll have to remember the choices you made, who was there and what happened on the best day of your life. Now image all those photos are on a USB or a hard drive…and that piece of technology crashes.

Hopefully your wedding photographer can provide you with backup files (I do!) but if not, you’ll want the story of your day to live elsewhere. Somewhere tangible that you can always come back to – that doesn’t rely on technology.

An album tells the story of your day to future generations

Picture this: years and years down the line, a future descendent asks you or a family member about your wedding day. Instead of telling them about it, you want to show them. Do you want to pop a flash drive into your computer, or sit down on the couch while flipping through the pages of a custom heirloom album?

Seeing your day unfold through physical pages is a beautiful thing because you get to see photos paired with each other, side by side. That experience creates a whole new feeling. Every moment captured just lives and breathes differently in a book versus on a computer screen – and makes for an incredible experience reliving the day.

They are totally customizable

Your wedding album can be whatever you want! As your wedding photographer, I will design each spread layout for you and send it for approval via cloud proofing. If you want to switch out a few images or rearrange a page, you just let me know and we’ll adjust until you absolutely love it.

And there are so many cover options! I offer soft linens, leathers and fabrics in a bunch of different colors – or you can choose a photo for the cover. Custom debossing of your names and wedding date is included, too!

Custom is nice, but you are probably overwhelmed at the thought of doing all the work. THAT’s why you should order it through your wedding photographer. The process is stress-free, simple and you don’t have to worry about downloading software, knowing anything about design, or ordering the album itself.

Wedding albums are meant to last forever

Ordering a wedding album through your photographer is usually the best option because most photographers work with professional printing labs. Creating a quality heirloom wedding album is just NOT a job for Shutterfly.

I work with one of the top printing labs in the country. I chose them specifically for the quality of their products and efficient printing processes, super fast turnaround time (like, two days!) and based on recommendations from several other professional photographers. These albums are no joke! They are meant to withstand the test of time, with expert binding and print quality.

So if you’re considering ordering a wedding album, I hope these reasons help! Personally it’s a no-brainer for me. Being able to relive my future wedding day will be a curated, quality and long-lasting experience for me and my loved ones.

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Nina Weinstein is a Massachusetts wedding photographer serving all of New England. She specializes in bold, romantic wedding photography as well as engagement, portrait and family sessions. She is currently booking for 2021 and 2022.